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I love the second-hand bits n bobs and 
antiques stores at the part of Ermou that stops in Thisseio (Ag. Asomaton Sq), just before curving away towards Gazi. 
They are like a wonderland of trinkets and suggest a million stories about the city.

Walk from Omonia to Lykabbetus

It was twilight, I'd just had a delicious carrot and orange juice at the Oikologous organic restaurant on Panepistimiou St and I decided to walk home to Lykabettus through Exarcheia instead of taking the usual cab. I was in a sense of wonderment as I strolled, often for the first time through streets that offered beautiful sunset vistas of the city from above. I also enjoyed looking at balconies pouring over with flowers and coloured buildings I never knew were there.


Lovely walks on Mt Lykkabettus

Mt Lykkabettus is an ideal place to take long, leisurely walks with your friends and pets, or even to sit on a park-bench and read. Thanks to the Friends of Mt Lykkabettus association, it is a location rich with lush vegetation, tall trees and great paths, perfect throughout the year. There are now also set paths for joggers, and good lighting at night.

Pangrati - Rise and Fall

This morning, at 8am sharp, Angelike was awoken by the sound of jackhammers. She writes: "It looks like this old Barnava Square home is being jackhammered to death. Boo!"

Angelike continues..."The same morning, round 8.30am, while walking the dog, I admired this little home, a few blocks away, which is being lovingly- and probably expensively- preserved the past few months. The lesson, as the Beastie Boys say, "It takes a second to kill. It takes time to build."

Thanks to Angelike Contis


Acropolis, March 2007

A walk in my neighborhood park, in downtown Athens. Enjoying the view, the peace, the silence.
James Corsi


Wake-Up call

Slogan on the wall in Dafnomili street:

"Can we not wake up?
must we eternally, dear friends
die in our sleep?"


Phileon Café at corner Skoufa / Lycabettusstr, Kolonaki

There you were sitting,

Reading, waiting, thinking

Insofar as I came but did not arrive

As I was gone already before I came

And so I programmed my terrible loss

Only felt when you, my love, no longer

Are sitting there but I, hungry for news,

No longer read newspapers but my heart

Beating away always listens to your heart

Now so far away but still I listen for faint sounds

Reminding me of your presence once sitting there.

Hatto Fischer

Lykabettus stairs

Stairs cast in magical light,
The dog waiting there
While the shadow seems to peer
Who may descend besides Nothingness
As if Duchamp’s naked beauty
Had vanished in the Athenian maze
No more to be seen once she left
The dream at the top of the stairs
Wondering if Vermeer’s blue
Would make her return one day
To the Lycabettus hill in search
Of her own self having gone astray
In some other light and glare
Of a man becoming a woman
To outpace her destiny
Fixated at the bottom of the stairs
And still waiting in the Phileon café
In expectation of the book
To have been completely read
So that life could begin again
By climbing up to greet the sky
Finally coming down to words
Saying nothing more, nothing less
Then desire for love on this very day
Is needed foremost and not alone.

Hatto Fischer